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Time calls #AdAstra “Gorgeous”. See #AdAstra starring Brad Pitt, in theaters this weekend. http://www.AdAstraMovie.com

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Daily Telegraph calls #AdAstra “Spectacular.” See it in theaters September 20. http://www.AdAstraMovie.com

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Get tickets now to the “awe-inspiring film” critics can’t stop raving about. See Brad Pitt in #AdAstra, in theaters September 20. http://www.AdAstraMovie.com

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Suit up and check out this new clip from #AdAstra, starring Brad Pitt. Get tickets now to see it in theaters September 20. http://www.AdAstraMovie.com

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Brad Pitt stars in #AdAstra. In theaters September 20th. Watch the trailer now.

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Alien fans! This is your last chance to win a SIGNED Funko Pop! by Sigourney Weaver, an awesome limited edition "Nostromo" poster and a pair of Reebok Alien Stompers. It all ends TONIGHT at midnight so don't forget to sign up for your chance to win here: https://www.alienuniverse.com/sign-up...

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Cheers to all of the ALIEN fans for making the franchise as strong as ever 40 years later. #Alien40th

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On #AlienDay, 4/26/19 audiences attended a special encore presentation of Alien: The Play at North Bergen High School in New Jersey. Watch this interview with Sigourney Weaver who surprised the students backstage, as well as the teacher who made it all happen.

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This #AlienDay, take a harrowing journey one flip at a time into celebrating 40 years of Ovomorphs, Facehuggers, Chestbursters, Xenomorophs and everything in between... 1979 – 2019.

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Attention Alien fans! 40 years ago, Alien changed movie history. How did it change you? On #AlienDay, 4/26, we want YOU to tag @AlienAnthology and use the hashtag #MyAlien40th in your video (15-30secs) or photo showcasing why you love the film... and you could become a part of the 40 Year Legacy! Learn more here: https://bddy.me/2Zs0MtI *Chestburster recreations encouraged **Bonus points for including your fearless furry friends!

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